Blue Skies and Beyond

“Blue Skies and Beyond” is an exhibition that reflects that great Australian tradition of the drive into the country .

Our lives have become  so busy with work, children, and everyday life  that  we can often totally miss the beautiful blues skies and green hills that are often present in our everyday landscape.

Whether its driving along a freeway for a day trip or a longer journey for a holiday with the family,   it is something that is only a short drive away.

We have so many beautiful places to visit in not only Victoria but all over Australia. It is so easy to jump in the car and take off to a new destination and stop where you want, when you want. You don’t need a passport, or  to learn a different language and with  little planning or even complete spontanaety you can experience something refreshing and renewing.

In this exhibition  “the great Aussie road trip” is captured on canvas with a close up of the road and the blue sky in the background. The landscape is fresh and inviting and sometimes contain  animals such as Kangaroos and objects that are commonly found on an Aussie road trip.

The paintings reflect the pleasure of a drive on a wide open road through the countryside on a perfect day and reinforces the notion of “enjoying the journey”.

Its Just Around the Corner 2011 Acrylic on Canvas (92cm X 122cm)

Its Just Around the Corner 2011
Acrylic on Canvas (92cm X 122cm)

“As a child growing up in Melbourne I have fond memories of sitting between my brother and sister in the back of the car with a filtered view of the sky, on the way to an exciting new place that I had never been to before. Playing “ I Spy” and counting cars, looking out for landmarks or the next town sign . There was  the annual trip to my Grandma who lived in Sale, also trips to Merimbula, Lakes Entrance,  Apollo Bay and the Mornington Peninsula. Whether driving along an ocean road or through beautiful green hills these trips were broken up with stops  for a snack or a lunch break and to stretch the legs. It didn’t really matter where we were going it was the joy of the journey, being together, and the anticipation of what we were to see next. “ Megan McDonald

Pictured above : Its Just Around the Corner 2011
Acrylic on Canvas (92cm  X 122cm)

Blue Skies and Beyond
An exhibition of paintings by Megan McDonald
9-19 February 2011

Opening Drinks: 12 February 2011, 4-6pm

Cambridge Studio Gallery
52 Cambridge St,