Car Feature Series (1-5) 2005

Acrylic on Canvas, 61cm X 46cm

The car is important as it is such a big part of all our lives. The “Car Feature” series continues the love and fascination of cars and reveals the front view of old cars.

This series of paintings came about from observations while stuck at traffic lights and extensive periods behind the wheel, noticing that the oncoming cars appeared to take on a human like quality. These cars had a face and character – the headlights as eyes and the bumper bar a mouth. The form of the object easily identifiable, simplified and earthy colours are used giving the paintings a distinctive look.

“Rear Vision Series” 2005

Gouache and Ink on Paper, 25cmX25cm (framed)

What’s Important…..Detail Series (1- 8) 2004

Gouache and Ink on Paper
25cmX25cm (framed)

What’s Important.. Home and Car Series (1-9) 2004

Acrylic on Canvas 45cmX45cm

What’s Important Series No.1-10 2004

Gouache and Ink on Paper 25cmX25cm (Framed)

Large Paintings on Canvas

Acrylic on Canvas, 89cm x 106cm

Gouche on Paper (framed)